Add Image Sizes to Media Insert Dialog / Thickbox

This is such a cool little snippet. It’ll allow you to add a custom image size that you’ve added using <?php add_image_size() ?> to the media insert pop-up, so your custom image sizes can be inserted into posts as well as used through <?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?>.

Just add the following to your functions.php file:

Adjust as needed!

Hide WordPress Calendar Widget Title

When a WordPress widget has no title, the title doesn’t appear. Simple enough. However, the same doesn’t apply for the in-built Calendar widget. It will still display the title’s before and after tags regardless of the fact is doesn’t have a title.

The following little code snippet will fix that. Just add it your functions.php file:

By the way, you don’t have to have ‘bryce’ in the bit of code. Just replace it with your theme’s text domain or something else.

Custom Post Type Taxonomy ‘Type’ Breaks Media Uploader

For months, whenever one of the writers at a big WordPress site I help run (Android Australia) tried to set a featured image or insert an image into a post, they were greeted with the following:

Basically, the media library tab would acknowledge that there were X amount of images but you couldn’t actually use any of the pre-existing media. Everything would need to be uploaded again. This became very tiring and frustrating as we wanted to reuse a lot of the images already existing on the site but instead had to manually re-upload each one.

I searched long and hard and couldn’t find a solution. I asked about it, googled it and cried about it. But then one day, almost magically, I found the solution.

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You’re Going to Get Left Behind

A post I made a month ago on a site I help run, Android Australia.

I have to make this quick. I don’t have much time. I have to write this post. It has to be edited. Feature images have to be made and formatting has to be done. It has to be posted. Then people have to find out about it. We’ll post it on our page on Facebook. Then on our personal Facebook accounts. Time for Twitter. Don’t forget to add hashtags. Retweet on personal twitter. Over to Google+. We’ll post it on the page there, with tags of course, and then probably on our personal Google+ accounts there, for those in our circles to see. We’ll then have to +1, tweet and like the post, before going into standby to reply to comments/messages relating to the post.

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