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Change Title of WordPress Meta Boxes

I came across this awesome snippet the other day that I thought I’d share and expand on it a little bit.

When you want to rename the title of a meta box, custom or core, the best way is to remove that meta box and then re-add it with a new title, using something like this:

You’ll need to change the fields above though for:

  • METABOX_ID – eg. commentsdiv. See below for full list.
  • META BOX TITLE – Whatever you’d like to rename the meta box.
  • METABOX_CALLBACK – eg. post_thumbnail_meta_box – See below for full list.
  • POST_TYPE – eg. post, page, etc.

Here’s an example of changing the title for the Post Thumbnail Meta Box to ‘Slide Image’ for the ‘Slides’ Post Type:

What about changing the title of the Excerpt Meta Box for Posts? Do this:

Obviously, you use the same method to adjust custom metaboxes. Just make sure you use the correct ID and callback!

Core Meta Box IDs
Core Meta Box Callbacks

Am I missing an ID or Callback above? You can visit the Gists and make a revision! Here are the links:

It’d be nice to see the ability to modify Meta Box Titles through a filter in the future, when something that gets added to the core.

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  1. Hi. I tried to change the title of feature image meta box. I edited slider_post_type.php, it words, but my feature image meta box just moved to the left bellow the content area and on top of the slider link.

    Do you know how to fix this?


  2. I forgot to note that you should obviously wrap it in a function and add it to the add_meta_boxes_{post-type} action πŸ™‚