Light – A Free Responsive Lightbox Plugin for WordPress

I decided to put together a small little WordPress plugin today, using the incredible fancyBox jquery lightbox.

It’s called Light, and it’s just that: a Lightbox and a light-weight plugin. No settings or detailed instructions or anything like that. Just install it and it works.

Want to see a demo? Cool. Here you go.

It’s actually pretty flexible, so I wrote a whole lot of documentation for it over on Captain Theme. You can view the documentation for it there.

Regarding the License, I personally don’t care what you do with the plugin but fancyBox is under a Creative Commons License that basically allows you to use it in personal/non-commercial projects for free but you have to pay if it’s for a commercial site (and you should – it’s well worth the money and the developer deserves it!). Read more about the fancyBox License.

It’s also on GitHub! How exciting. Check out the GitHub repository.

Have a question or need help? Leave it below and I’ll try to answer it.

Download 1.0.0

Documentation / Demo

87 thoughts on “Light – A Free Responsive Lightbox Plugin for WordPress

  1. This plugin does not work many themes. When the themes is provided shade. Site stops responding, have to overload the page.

    For example here, this site theme
    Activate it, your plugin, and then click the icon on the site “search.” The screen goes dark, the site will be unworkable.

    So many website does not work. Thought the problem in themes proved a problem with this plugin.


      1. Hi Bryce,

        sorry but I don’t know what to post.

        Let me explain my issue: I work a sysadmin for an hosting provider, and in the past week several wordpress-based sites we host have been hacked and sent tons of spam emails.

        As we investigated, we found that within every hosted website your plugin’s files had been hacked and their content changed.

        I really wouldn’t know what to report, because content was obfuscated. Anyway I think that someone has found a vulnerability in your code which allows him to arbitrarily write on files in the same directory, but I can’t tell more.

        Thank you for your time🙂


      2. Thank you for taking a look but that’s pretty unlikely as there is barely any PHP in the plugin. It simply uses the WordPress enqueue_styles to load a lightbox library. I think it may have been their own site or another plugin..


  2. I encountered 3 errors

    Warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in ..pluginslightlight.php on line 39

    Warning: array_search() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in ..pluginslightlight.php on line 40

    Warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in ..pluginslightlight.php on line 40


  3. thanks for your work bryce!
    i have a question: how to change “width” and “left” of the wrap? it seems to come out of the js file wich is hard to read / understand for me. Shure i could overwrite both values using css, but it would not be dynamic anymore .. thx for your help & time


  4. Hiya! Did you discontinue video support? The example in the comments does not work anymore, nor does it on a website I am working on. I put the classes video and fancybox.iframe in there on the link to the video.


    1. Ah, I may have dropped it unintentionally😦

      Can you try with the classes fancybox and fancybox.iframe?

      If you still want to use video, try add the following code somewhere like your functions.php:


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