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Adding a Header Image to Your Plugin

If you haven’t done it yet, I’m going to help you add a header image to your plugin.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 4.52.41 PM

The plugin header image dimensions need to be 772px x 250px. You may also want to include a retina-ready high-res image, which would be 1544px x 500px.

In your plugin’s SVN repository, there are a few folders. You need to add your image to the assets folder, with the image names as follows:

  • banner-772×250.png
  • banner-1544×500.png

To make it even easier for you to add your own header image, I put together a very simple template file. It’s pretty much just set up with the correct 772×250 dimensions and the matching filename.

Download 772×250 Header Image Template

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