Contributing on GitHub for Dummies

I’m naturally an idiot so this took me a while to get a good understanding of. Even now I still mess it up, but I feel like I can at least grasp the basic requirements of being a good contributor on GitHub – so let me share them with you!

Coding in public is pretty scary. Not just for contributors, but for project maintainers too. Everything is being watched and recorded and saved forever – there’s no (easy) erasing of mistakes, which leads to a lot of pressure on everyone involved.

So take a step back, realise that this is open-source software, and relax. GitHub is the proverbial playground for an open-source project, where things can discussed and tried – don’t be afraid!

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Code Everyday

I’m not going to preach to you, but I’m going to ask to consider that if you’re a developer or have interested in development at all, should you be coding more?

You don’t have to be building complex solutions to even more complex problems, solving all the world’s problems with your beautiful code. No, it doesn’t have to like that.

But writers tend to try and write everyday, just to keep that creativity and energy inside of them alive, so shouldn’t the same apply to developers or ‘coders’?

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Building a Freemium Plugin

Over the past few years, the concept of Freemium Software seems to have been given a lot more attention than it has in the past. Sure, the phrase was only coined 8 years ago (yeah, I looked it up), but it has existed for decades.

However, with the emergence of free web software and libraries like WordPress & jQuery, freemium software has recently found a place in developers’ hearts.

Especially in the world of gaming, both online (Facebook) and mobile (iPhone / Android), freemium software has started to become the norm, with content producers finding that it’s more profitable to give a little bit for free and charge a lot for the extras.

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Blogging for Hippo

If you keep an eye on WooThemes people, you may have seen the Blogging for Benjamin competition that took place last year.

Basically, a few of us Woo people are going to try write a blog post, every day, for the next month. It sounds crazy – it sounds improbable, but it’s true.

We’d all love to blog more often but tend to be pretty lazy, so we figured an internal competition to see who could keep it up for a month, would force us to fight through the laziness and blog daily.

It’s going to be called Blogging for Hippo, in honour of the impending WooCommerce 2.3 releaseHandsome Hippo.

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A Look at Related Posts by Barry Kooij

I work over at WooThemes with a guy called Barry Kooij. He’s one of those mysterious developers behind WooCommerce, who normally hides in the shadows of WordPress-land creating awesome stuff that you’ve probably even used and loved, like What the File and Post Connector.

To be fair, when Barry started at WooThemes, I’d already been there for a month, so I was feeling pretty settled in. Naturally, I was nice enough to the new Dutch guy but didn’t give him much notice. After all, both our names started with B, so there’s was always going to be some conflict. But when I discovered he had made What the File, a simple plugin that I’d been using for a while and loved, I opened up my heart to him.

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