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Code Everyday

I’m not going to preach to you, but I’m going to ask to consider that if you’re a developer or have interested in development at all, should you be coding more?

You don’t have to be building complex solutions to even more complex problems, solving all the world’s problems with your beautiful code. No, it doesn’t have to like that.

But writers tend to try and write everyday, just to keep that creativity and energy inside of them alive, so shouldn’t the same apply to developers or ‘coders’?

It’s hard to code everyday. For example over at WooThemes, most of our support staff are more than capable of coding, whether it’s fixing a bug or building a quick plugin enhancement.

We believe that it’s only possible to give our best support when we actually understand the product to the point that we could rebuild it if need be.

You wouldn’t want a mechanic fixing your car who doesn’t actually build/repair cars, right? It sort of defeats the purpose.

So we’re encouraged to spend a bit of time everyday looking at bugs and trying to fix them, rather than bugging our very few full-time developers. And it’s awesome.


You’d struggle to find a Woo Ninja who had a problem with this. So when a customer contacts us saying that the plugin’s alignment is all wrong and they keep seeing strange PHP notices, we can just open up the plugin, find the bug, patch it and send the customer a fixed copy – all at once.

So code everyday, whether it’s fixing an insignificant bug or rewriting a plugin from scratch. It’ll make you a better developer, a better support(er) and a happier person.

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