WordPress Anonymous

It’s no secret that almost everywhere in the world has its own local WordPress group. That in itself is really awesome, and on Meetup alone there are over 650 dedicated WordPress meetup groups.

So there’s really no reason not to be involved in your local community, if you happen to love WordPress, Open Source and/or PHP.

Hugh Lashbrooke has written a lot about why you should get involved in your local WordPress community, as well as about the True Value of a WordCamp.

These are both topics really close to my heart. Having moved to Bangkok recently, I was a little scared at first to seek out the community, especially as it’s not just a new area but a new language. After a couple searches and emails, I’d got in contact with Julien & Julien from Theme Avenue, who led me to Shinichi. The surprising part? They were all foreigners who had been organising local Bangkok WordPress meetups for some time.

After a short time, we got together when Philip Arthur Moore was visiting Bangkok. It was a small meetup, just 6 or 7 of us, but a really great first-meetup experience (you can see a photo of us above).

Just today we had another meetup, where about 20 or so people made it! How cool’s that?



The topic was about the future of the Bangkok WordPress community. We all mutually agreed that we should just strive to get together regularly to talk. Whether it’s about a complex development subject or just general user-friendly stuff, the important thing was meeting up.

So what are you waiting for? Go meet your local WordPress community!🙂


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