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It’s Hard

I’ll tell you a secret that no one else is really going to. It’s hard. Getting into web / WordPress developement is really hard. Whether you dive right in or start by spending 4 years in university studying computer science, the start is especially hard.

I started with WordPress back in 2007 (2.2.2), so that’s almost 8 years ago. I was young and used it purely as a blogging platform. I don’t remember it much as I have an awful memory and I was young & reckless, but it was pretty fun. WordPress was a pretty exciting thing back then and whilst it still is continuing to excite me everyday, it was especially ‘fresh’ back in 2007 (at least to me).

But I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had a theme, I think it was called Chameleon. I learnt a bit of CSS and managed to change the colors to green and black. That was exciting. I learnt enough HTML that I could add a logo – also very exciting. It was really damn hard though.

Years later I got into WordPress development, at first building themes that weren’t very good and then some plugins that were a little bit better. But every little bit of it was hard, from learning enough PHP to make it work to building settings screens that didn’t suck.

Then bugs come along, support requests role in, people complain, people are grateful, things make more sense, bugs seem laughable and enhancements are frequently added.

Things get better.

They do, really. It may have taken me a couple of years but I can confidently stand behind the work I produce. For years I couldn’t, and I’m sure in years ahead I’ll look back on the work I’ve done today and laugh at the poor quality of it, but that only pushes me to do more.

Don’t give up. Don’t be scared. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t stop, even for a second.

It’s hard, but you’re still here.


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  1. Yes! Great post, Bryce. I wince whenever I look at something I did, even just last year.

    I wrote a tutorial once about Hooks and Filters and compared it to learning a language. It isn’t something you can pick up in a day unless you are a savant. I’m still struggling with French and sometimes also with WordPress, but you definitely get better with time.

    • 100%. Also interesting to be in a position of ‘expertise’ on a topic and then look down at someone who doesn’t quite grasp a concept as quickly. We have to remind ourselves that we were in their position once upon a time (and continue to be everyday!)


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