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Small Victories

I was sitting here, in the dashboard of my blog, staring at the screen trying to think of something to write about today. Nothing was coming to mind and I was getting a bit bored, so I decided to pass the time by checking my Recipe Hero page and seeing the downloads / support threads for today.

Today it finally reached 2,000 downloads. That doesn’t sound like much and in all honestly, it isn’t, but it felt good. Small victories feel good. They hold everything together and keep us going. You don’t get those huge, significant wins without the many, small victories that come beforehand.

I’ve made a lot of plugins over the past few years. Less than some, more than most. Captain Favicon, a plugin I made a couple years ago, has over 43,000 downloads as I write this and to be honest, it doesn’t make me feel all that good. Because this isn’t about numbers or stats.

To me it’s about the product. It’s about the solution. When I build something that I believe is awesome – when I can be proud of every line of code and every last detail – that’s when I feel good.

I look at open source projects I’ve started like Captain Typekit and WP Done This, with very few downloads and users, I’m proud of what I built and the few people I’m helping – like how I felt today when I saw Recipe Hero tip over 2,000 downloads.

They’re small victories. It’s a long, hard, sometimes lonely journey but keep fighting for and savouring those small victories. They’re one of the only things that truly matter. That won’t change.


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