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Join Me at WordSesh on Saturday

If you’ve be listening to me blabber on for the last 3 weeks (actually 22 days – yes, I’m counting) during Blogging for Hippo, then you’ve either grown to love me or hate me. Either way, it’s cool.

But this weekend, from Saturday 0:00 UTC to Sunday 0:00 UTC, there’s something very special taking place – WordSesh – a “full day of live WordPress presentations from all over the world streamed live to you wherever you may be”.

And I’m speaking at it. Woo!

It’s awesome. It’s fresh. It’s WordSesh. (I’m came up with that myself!)

There are a few things I really love about WordSesh:

  • Scott Basgaard and friends are organising it. I’ve played COD with Scott before and he was an excellent leader / mentor / sergeant. If he performs the same way he did in Afghanistan, WordSesh will be a home run.
  • WordSesh is convenient for everyone. Considering it runs for 24 hours, there’s definitely a time to suit you.
  • There’s a really good schedule and speaker line-up.

So I’ve been looking forward to it for the past couple months and had already bought my popcorn in preparation for the event. Then a few days ago, the awesome Hugh Lashbrooke got in touch with me. He was meant to be joining the Community Round Table, moderated by Jenny Wong, but couldn’t make it. So he suggested me – thanks Hugh!

As such, I’ll be joining the Community Round Table session at 13:00 UTC on Saturday. We’re going to be talking all things community (and I love community). There’s an awesome group of people involved and I’m very excited to see where the conversation goes throughout our 1 hour session.

Scott even made this cool badge for me to show off with – Thanks Scott!

I'm Speaking at WordSesh 2013 Live!

Watch out for the other Woo Ninjas speaking throughout the day too, including:

  • Barry Kooij
  • Magnus Jepson
  • Mark Forrester
  • Matty Cohen
  • Patrick Rauland

See you there! 🙂


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