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Take the Easy Way Out

I’m a little bit confused at the moment. I’m stuck at a crossroads between the easy way and the hard way.

In life, I’ve always taken the easy way. If it’s time to eat, I’ll eat out. If something’s not working, I’ll buy a new one. But when it comes to stuff I’m more passionate about, things change.

I start to do things the hard way. My entire perspective changes and I begin to consider everything. My natural decision-making process goes from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. My palms start to sweat, my head aches. What the f@*k am I doing?

When we do something we love, something we have a deep and profound care and respect for, we want to do it right. And the right way, is often the hard way.

If I’m writing a bit of code with a clear purpose, I could save myself hours and just get it done. But instead, I’ll commit myself completely to this piece of insignificant work because to me, it matters. So I’ll spend the day tinkering with every last detail and restructuring it several times over. I’ll then test it in every conceivable environment and rewrite half of it.

But today, I’m considering if I should actually take the easy way out. Why? Because maybe it’s for the best. Maybe I could do more with that ‘wasted’ time. Maybe I could divvy up my mind’s finite resources in a more fitting way. But what justifies this diversion?

Greater passion.

Take the easy way out, if it means you can can give more of yourself to the things you truly love.


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