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Keep Learning

When you get to the top of the mountain, with nothing but stunning views and steep edges surrounding you; the clouds so close, you can touch them, it’s easy to get comfortable. You deserve it. You climbed for weeks, months, years. You suffered through insufferable environments, trekked unknown terrain and conquered altitudes never thought possible.

Take a rest. Or keep going. That’s the next mountain to climb.

When you feel like there’s nowhere else to go, like you know anything and everything, it’s easy to stop trying. But today, I’m urging you, keep learning.

And I’ll tell you a secret about that mountain. You couldn’t see it because of all the clouds, but you’re not at the peak yet. You’re far from it. In this lifetime, I can guarantee you’ll never even reach it.

But that’s okay.

Just keep learning. Keep pushing yourself every day, every moment and open your world to more than what’s already known.

When you feel like you’ve reached the top of the mountain, before you even realise that it’s not actually the top, I want you to realise something else. Something far more important.

Look how far you’ve come.

Just take a second, no more, no less, to appreciate and congratulate yourself. The journey is far from over and will likely never end, but what about the journey so far?

While I like to advocate you keep learning – keep pushing yourself to go higher, further, harder – I think the biggest mistake you can make is to forgotten what you’ve already done.

You’re here. You were there. It’s hard. But you did it.

Now keep going.

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