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You’re Welcome, Hippo

I’m not quite sure if I’m happy or sad, relieved or disappointed, but today, after 31 consecutive days of blogging, Blogging for Hippo, is finished. If you haven’t been following along, several of us WooThemes Ninjas committed to a full month of blogging, in honour of the upcoming WooCommerce 2.3 – Handsome Hippo release.

While I suppose the ‘purpose’ of the ‘competition’ was to cheer on and celebrate the almost-ready release, it probably did more harm than good, as it occupied quite a lot of core developer Barry Kooij’s time, along with a lot of my spare time that I’d usually commit to WooCommerce contributions / bug fixes.

But we had fun. I think. And I don’t regret it. That much.

While it started with about 10 of us, I believe only 4 made it to day 31 (today):

So I’m conflicted. I’m proud of us 4 for keeping our word, but sad that we couldn’t all cross the finish line, especially Mike Jolley.

Correction: Barry Kooij failed miserably with a few days to go. Shame on him for putting his family before his blog.

What did I get out of it?

Good question, me! I was speaking with Barry a couple days and we agreed that after several weeks of writing daily, we both found it remarkably quicker to write a new post. While at the start I was spending 30-60 minutes on each post, worrying about insignificant things like formatting, word count and structure, it now tends to take me 15 minutes to get it ready to publish.

Sure, I spent a bit more time on the technical posts / tutorials that included code, but after a few weeks, I felt like I gained the confidence to just hit the (blue) publish button.

What’s next for one of the Blogging for Hippo champions?

Oh, how sweet of you me! Well, I’m hoping to write at least a couple times a week next year, ideally hitting 100+ posts over 2015. It’s not really a numbers game as I’d rather consistently publish good content, but I feel like 2 quality posts a week should be doable.

For now, I’m going to go enjoy the short holidays!


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  1. I didn’t finish it, stopped at last 3 posts. Had other deadlines, priorities, excuses. I will force out 3 more posts this year, no credits in making the challenge, still good amount of good posts.

    Thanks for all the awesome posts, Bryce.


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