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The January Commit

December was tiring. Several of us WooThemes ninjas spent the month writing a blog post, every single day, just for the sake of it. But it was fun. It pushed us to hit the publish button, produce more content and improve our writing.

But that’s over. Now it’s time to really push ourselves. This isn’t a kids game anymore.

Welcome to The January Commit, a 31 day challenge demanding each participant makes at least 1 commit on GitHub daily throughout January.

giphyWell, not really. I’m pretty lazy and am currently on a 40-something day streak, but it’s definitely demanding. Weekends can be hard, and there are just some days where you don’t feel like committing code.

What counts?

If you go to your GitHub profile page, it’ll say something like:

Summary of Pull Requests, issues opened, and commits.

So, that’s what counts. But don’t just open issues everyday for the sake of it.

You can read a more detailed explanation of what GitHub considers a commit over here.

Private repos?

Yeah, I think we should include private repos. As much as I love open-source and strive to commit at least once daily to an open-source project, I accept if your daily commit is to a private repo. At least try to commit to an open-source one.

Extra rules?

Not really, as this is just about having fun, buuuuuut, why not have a little more fun with it? Try to do some of these things for extra ‘points’:

  • Commit to open-source projects
  • Include a GitHub Selfie with your commit
  • Aim for 150 commits for the month

Who’s taking part?

Well that’s up to you. Comment and let me know you’re interested, with a link to your GitHub profile, and I’ll add you in.

Keeping track?

Besides for manual checking, I’ll try put something together that uses the GitHub API to pull everyone’s streaks and commits for the month.

With private repos, they’re obviously private so we can’t publicly track them, so at the end of the competition, we can just post a screenshot of our profile page’s showing the streak. Again, try to commit to some open-source stuff though so it’s easily visible (and feels good).

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  1. This will be fun — I hadn’t seen the GitHub Selfie’s before, but I’ll be sure to add a few.

    I’ll be interested to see how many total commits and overall numbers that come at the end of this.


  2. I just wrote about the contest on my blog as well. I’m excited for it, should be fun. If there isn’t a repo for keeping track yet, maybe we can put one together and set it up some place for people to see the numbers and all who are involved?

    Also, I’m nominating #1Commit as the un-official official hashtag for this challenge. “1” being the challenge, but also January, so it seems fitting. I’m curious your thoughts?


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