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I’m Too Comfortable

When you first start developing, writing code or just creating your first product, it’s really hard. I don’t think people mention it enough. Mostly because no one listens to those just starting out and when you start to become a respected developer, it doesn’t make you sound too good when you admit it’s hard.

I want to be honest and transparent. And everyday, I get better. With almost everything in life, as you continue to do it day-by-day, you almost certainly get better. On a daily basis. Literally infinite exponential growth. So that means, I’m a better developer today than I was a year ago. I’m a better developer today than I was 3 months ago. I’m even a better developer today than I was yesterday.

Even on your worst day, you are a better developer than you have ever been.

But everyday, I get more comfortable. And as I start to feel more comfortable in my developer shoes, I get scared. Scared that I won’t learn anything new. Scared that I’ve hit my peak.

I’ve spent the last couple years developing for WordPress. I still have a lot to learn. Really, I do. But I feel quite confident that when it comes to building something with or for WordPress, I either already know how to do it or can quickly figure out how to do it. And then I can execute. That’s the important part. Actually doing what needs to be done.

That’s it. When it comes to WordPress, I’m comfortable. But when it comes to newer technologies and frameworks like Node.js, Laravel & RoR, I’m gasping for air. And as I start to dip my feet into these different frameworks, some which use languages I’m comfortable with (Laravel), whilst others are completely new (Ruby / Python), I realise how little I truly know.

And I struggle. I start to question myself. I’m as far from comfortable as I’ve ever been. But it’s okay, I think.

WordPress will always be there. When something needs to get done quickly; when I need to step back into my comfort zone, I can always use WordPress. It may not be right for everything, but I can make it work, and I can make it work fast – and time is key.

What I find difficult in these new technologies will eventually make sense. Everything does. When I first wrote something in PHP, it was the hardest day of my ‘developer-life’. But it got easier. I can also take this newfound knowledge and put it back into the things I do on a daily basis with WordPress.

There’s nothing to lose. Learning new stuff is fun, because really, you don’t stand to lose much. I may never create an app using Laravel, but no one will ever discredit me for having taken the time and initiative to try.

Every day, I will get more comfortable. Every day, you get more comfortable.

Tomorrow will always be my best day.

Tomorrow will always be your best day.

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