eCommerce-powered 3D printing

This post talks about using WooCommerce, a free and open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress, but the same principles could be applied to any ecommerce software.

A couple short weeks ago, you allowed me to take a risk and show you several WooCommerce API powered demos live on stage at WooConf 2016.

It went well for the most part, with attendees (both in the audience and online) getting to see a variety of integrations, like sales appearing on a LaMetric display:

To an autonomous drone that took flight when a WooCommerce sale was made:

Side note: How good are David’s GIF skills?!

And while I’m relieved, to be honest, that I don’t have to prepare and perfect that talk any longer, I made a promise on stage. One of my final slides teased at the idea of WooCommerce-powered 3D printing.


I mentioned on stage that this was completely possible and that the only reason I didn’t do a live demo is that a 3D printer doesn’t really fit in carry-on.

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Code & Jazz

For me, programming is a lot like jazz, and writing a good app, program, function, is like writing a good jazz piece.

In some jazz pieces, there’ll be several instruments played simultaneously, each on their own path, each with their own tone, own focus, all taking a different approach to the same beat, same goal, eventually ending up together in the same place.

Programming seems to be the same. There are several parts of every app that get built simultaneously, be it the frontend or API, structure or architecture, each contributing in their own way – some taking the lead at times while others are there as support, eventually ending up together in the same place.