Recipe Hero 1.0

About 6 months ago I started working on a simple idea – a beautiful, modern recipe plugin for WordPress. A month or so after that I launched a very rough beta release, starting at 0.5. It took me a few months, but today I’m extremely happy to launch Recipe Hero 1.0.

It took me longer than it should have, but I got stuck in a mentality where everything had to be right before I pulled the trigger. That’s not the right mentality – at least in my opinion. So, today I’ve released the almost-ready one point oh.

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Introducing Recipe Hero

I’ve been working on something close to my heart for the past few weeks. It’s called Recipe Hero and it’s going to change the way we eat food.

UPDATE: Website’s Up!

Okay, that’s a little much.


It’s pretty much just a new WordPress plugin for easily adding recipes to your WordPress site. It has a lot of neat features packed into it, from automatic mark-up to its own template engine.

I wanted to make it as easy possible for WordPress users to share their amazing food, and I feel like Recipe Hero will do just that.

It’s available now¬†for free on the Plugin Repository.

I’ve got a lot of awesome stuff planned for it. In the next few weeks I’m hoping to move it out of beta into Version 1.0.0 (we’re at 0.6.7 at the time of writing). I’m building the website too at the moment, trying to get all the documentation and a few add-ons ready for it too.

It’s also a completely open-source, GPL-licensed project, and I would love for you to stop by the GitHub Project and contribute in any way you can.