A Support Policy Matters

If you’ve ever created a product, you’ve likely needed to support it. Even if you didn’t create a product, and you just happened to put together a few products and a design for a single client, you likely needed to support it.

Support is a way of life. It’s an inevitable by-product (or by-service?) of almost everything you’ll ever make. So much so that I’ve even gone to the effort of writing about both the giving and receiving of it.

So today I want to talk a little bit about the often forgotten but always needed Support Policy. Having one matters. It really does.

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How To Get Good WordPress Support

A few months ago I wrote an article that got shared quite a bit – 3 months in WordPress customer service – mainly because it resonated with readers.

It talked about how to serve your customers better, giving them the support they not only need, but deserve.

Today though I would talk about WordPress support from the customer’s point of view, and how to actually receive good support, rather than give it. I’m going to pretty blunt and honest as I was in the other article. You’re not my customer here, just my reader, so I want to tell you the harsh truth.

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