I’ve spoken at events in several continents on topics relating to WordPress, WooCommerce, APIs, Hardware & SaaS Products. If you’d like to see me at an event of yours, feel free to reach out to me by Direct Message on Twitter (@bryceadams).

Some of the events I’ve spoken at (or will be):

  • WooCommerce Bangkok Meetup (Bangkok, Thailand) 2014
  • WordCamp Mumbai (India) 2015
  • WooCommerce Chicago Meetup (Chicago, USA) 2015
  • WordCamp Europe (Seville, Spain) 2015
  • WordCamp Kansai (Japan) 2015
  • WooCommerce Melbourne Meetup (Melbourne, Australia) 2015
  • WordCamp Nepal (Kathmandu, Nepal) 2015
  • WordCamp Mumbai (India) 2016
  • WooConf (Austin, Texas) 2016
  • WordCamp Sunshine Coast (Australia) 2016
  • Post Status Publish (Philadelphia, USA) 2016
  • WordCamp Tokyo (Japan) 2017
  • WooSesh
  • IndieConf

These days, I don’t speak at events too often as my focus is on Metorik.

Am I already speaking at an event of yours soon and you’re in need of a bio? Here you go!

Bryce Adams is a former nomad, currently based in Melbourne, Australia, working on Metorik – an analytics and email automation tool for WooCommerce. He loves open source software, building useful products and interacting with the open-source and eCommerce communities! In his spare time, he’s either traveling and speaking at events or building & contributing to open-source software & hardware.